All-In-One Retail Technology

APOP is creating the next generation of retail technology, reaching 2 million customers a month
at the Point Of Purchase and helping them make informed buying decisions

Brand Advertising

Manager Delivery App

Manage Your Incoming Orders and Assign Delivery to Employees.

Kiosk Tablets

Kiosk Tablets

17-inch & 32-inch Retail Tablets Allowing Customers to Quickly Order & Spin the Wheel.



Customers Can Text Your Chatbot to Quickly Order, Anytime, Anywhere.

Digital Menus

Digital Menus

Display Your Menus & Brands on Digital Screens Inside Your Dispensary.

The Big Names In Cannabis Use APOP

Over 300 Dispensaries Concentrated in California & Nevada
Over 100 Brands Advertise on APOP

Marketing, Ordering & Delivery Software for Dispensaries
That Integrates with POS Software

Our Marketing Suite makes the relationship between dispensaries and their consumers more streamlined, professional, and versatile.

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Digital Signage Network & Menus

APOP’s customizable digital signage is comprised of POS auto-generated menus, educational/lifestyle content, and advertisements that target your consumers. Our screens are strategically placed at-point-of-purchase (APOP). On average customers spend 15 to 30 minutes in a dispensary per visit. With 3 to 5 screens per dispensary a customer may see one ad 3x-15x times per visit.

  • Digital in-store advertising increases interest in products by over 30%.
  • Showcase your brand identity & vibe
  • Spark curiosity & increase sales
  • Educate and engage your customers

Over 300 Dispensaries in Southern California & Nevada

Digital Signage Network
POS Integration

POS Integration

APOP pulls inventory and prices from your POS system, so that the screens, apps & touchscreens always match your system’s inventory. You don’t have to worry about inputting data across multiple platforms.

Auto Menus

Auto Menus

Menus auto-generate and refresh so that any changes and additions you make to your POS system automatically update on your display menus. No more wasted time creating & updating your menus!

Advertiser Network

Advertiser Network

We work with some of the top brands in Cannabis to bring unique original content to your screens. This helps keeps customers engaged and informed, and also helps educate your budtenders about the brands in your industry.

“APOP’s technology is on another level never seen in this market, They have changed our store’s entire environment and allowed us to do our own instant delivery!”

Janice from Koreatown Collective

Easy Text Bot Ordering

In the age of convenience, nothing is easier than ordering right from your mobile device. That's why APOP is introducing Weedbot. We can easily assign your dispensary with a custom phone number, or you can port over your existing phone number and have customers automatically text Weedbot with their order.


How It Works

  • Chat

    Customers can text your phone number or a SMS number we assign to your store

  • Chat Bot

    Chatbot responds with a list of commands such as “Menu” or “Order”

  • E-Commerce Link

    If the user would like to order, a text containing your e-commerce mobile site is sent.

Apop Weedbot

Chatbot Number Options

  • 1

    Port Your Existing Number

    We can port your existing phone number and Weedbot will respond to any customer who calls or texts that number.

  • 2

    Set up a New Number

    Alternately, we can set up a new number to be used exclusively for customers who want to use the Weedbot.

  • 3

    Get your own Short Code Number

    We can create a short code for your dispensary, like "420420" to create an easy, recognizable number for customers. Short Code charges will apply.

EZ E-Commerce & Mobile Ordering

Enable customers to place online orders from web or mobile device, with pickup and delivery options.

  • Customize with your Look & Feel

    Customize with Your Look & Feel

    Your store branding heads the page for easy identification.

  • Showcase all of your products

    Showcase All of Your Products

    Everything you have in your system is displayed online for easy browsing.

  • Integrated with your POS

    Integrated with Your POS

    Like our other tools, E-Commerce is integrated with your POS for instant updates. For some systems, orders can be pushed directly back to the POS.

  • Customer Login With Text

    Customer Login via Their Phone Number

    A fluid customer login experience means no remembering username and passwords, making it easier to purchase.

  • Pickup/Delivery


    Customers choose whether they want an order delivered or picked up in-store.

Your Very Own

Manager Delivery App

The all-in-one mobile app allows you to streamline your ordering process, manage your store's marketing content
and communicate with fellow team members.

  • Team Communication

    Team Communication

    Securely communicate in-app with staff about store matters

  • Browse Brands

    Browse Brands

    Scroll through popular cannabis brands to find the right items for your store

  • Delivery and Pickup


    Manage remote orders, whether pickup in-store or delivery to the consumer

Manager App
  • Staff Profiles

    Staff Profiles

    Set up your team’s individual profiles, and give and restrict their permissions

  • Manage Menus

    Manage Menus

    Customize your menu and ticker information, and view your content

  • Support


    Contact us from the app with questions or concerns when needed

“It’s Like Having Your Own Uber App For your Dispensary!”


Kiosk Tablets

In-store kiosk tablets provide another simple and integrated way for customers to place orders. APOP Kiosk Tablets allow customers to skip the line and order themselves without the need of a budtender.

  • Touch-Screen Simplicity

    Touch-Screen Simplicity

    Consumers can easily swipe and tap through your menu and its details

  • POS Integration

    POS Integration

    The suite pulls directly from your POS and updates regularly

  • Convenient for Consumers

    Convenient for Consumers

    The customer who knows what they want can find it quickly

Kiosk Tablets
  • Privacy and Comfort

    Privacy and Comfort

    Customers can feel comfortable ordering from their own kiosk

  • Educate while Browsing

    Educate while Browsing

    Informs your customers about new products and brands

  • Streamline Orders

    Streamline Orders

    Tablets make it easy for staff to see orders and fill them on-site

Reaching Out

Consumer App

The versatility and convenience that your Consumer App offers customers is incredibly valuable. Mobile ordering is quick with verified consumers, who can browse your store’s products and choose whether to have their order delivered or picked up in-store. Due to Apple & Google restrictions, the mobile app only provides a catalog of your menu. If a customer is interested in making a purchase, they can click on "View in Web" button under any product and be redirected to a mobile responsive site where they can complete their purchase.

  • Your Store

    Your Store

    The Consumer App is branded with your store’s logo and products

  • Verification


    Consumers are able to verify in-app that they can legally purchase cannabis

  • Easy Ordering

    Easy Ordering

    Consumers easily browse through your items and view details to inform buying decisions

  • Delivery Options

    Delivery Options

    The App allows consumers to choose delivery options and notes for drivers

  • Order Status

    Order Status

    Customers are able to check on the status of an order in progress