All-In-One Retail Technology

APOP is creating the next generation of retail technology, reaching 2 million customers a month
at the Point Of Purchase and helping them make informed buying decisions

Kiosk Tablets

Kiosk Tablets

17-inch & 32-inch Retail Tablets Allowing Customers to Quickly Order & Spin the Wheel.


Text Blast Software

Text blast customers and get more foot traffic into your business! Amazing Rates!

Digital Menus

Digital Menus

Display Your Menus & Brands on Digital Screens Inside Your Dispensary.

Brand Advertising

POS Syncer

Automatically sync your POS system to display all of your items and pricing.

The Big Names In Cannabis Use APOP

Over 300 Dispensaries Concentrated in California & Nevada
Over 100 Brands Advertise on APOP

Digital Menus, Kiosks & Texting Software for Dispensaries
That Integrates with Your POS System

Our Marketing Suite makes the relationship between dispensaries and their consumers more streamlined, professional, and versatile.

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Digital Signage Network & Menus

APOP’s customizable digital signage is comprised of POS auto-generated menus, educational/lifestyle content, and advertisements that target your consumers. Our screens are strategically placed at-point-of-purchase (APOP). On average customers spend 15 to 30 minutes in a dispensary per visit. With 3 to 5 screens per dispensary a customer may see one ad 3x-15x times per visit.

  • Digital in-store advertising increases interest in products by over 30%.
  • Showcase your brand identity & vibe
  • Spark curiosity & increase sales
  • Educate and engage your customers

Over 300 Dispensaries in Southern California, Nevada & Michigan

Digital Signage Network

1 Monthly Plan To Fit All Your Needs!
$55 / month

Includes these amazing features!

Digital Menus

Automatically generate menus based on different categories.

POS Syncer

We integrate with 15+ Pos systems. Items & prices will automatically sync.


Schedule advertisements in advance and set the start and end times.

Youtube Loader

Load your favorite youtube videos by copying and pasting the youtube link.

Message Board

Create messages with pre-defined templates in a matter of seconds.

Scrolling Ticker

Get a scrolling message just like the news channels, so easy to update!
POS Integration

POS Integration

APOP pulls inventory and prices from your POS system, so that the screens, apps & touchscreens always match your system’s inventory. You don’t have to worry about inputting data across multiple platforms.

Auto Menus

Auto Menus

Menus auto-generate and refresh so that any changes and additions you make to your POS system automatically update on your display menus. No more wasted time creating & updating your menus!

Advertiser Network

Advertiser Network

We work with some of the top brands in Cannabis to bring unique original content to your screens. This helps keeps customers engaged and informed, and also helps educate your budtenders about the brands in your industry.

“APOP’s technology is on another level never seen in this market, They have changed our store’s entire environment and allowed us to do our own instant delivery!”

Janice from Koreatown Collective


16.5 inch Kiosk Tablets - $649

In-store kiosk tablets provide another simple and integrated way for customers to place orders. APOP Kiosk Tablets allow customers to skip the line and order themselves without the need of a budtender.

  • Touch-Screen Simplicity

    Touch-Screen Simplicity

    Consumers can easily swipe and tap through your menu and its details

  • POS Integration

    POS Integration

    The suite pulls directly from your POS and updates regularly

  • Convenient for Consumers

    Convenient for Consumers

    The customer who knows what they want can find it quickly

Kiosk Tablets
  • Privacy and Comfort

    Privacy and Comfort

    Customers can feel comfortable ordering from their own kiosk

  • Educate while Browsing

    Educate while Browsing

    Informs your customers about new products and brands

  • Streamline Orders

    Streamline Orders

    Tablets make it easy for staff to see orders and fill them on-site

The Best

Text Message Software For Cannabis

If you’re not text blasting your customers, you are missing out on huge potential. Text blasts have become the new way to attract customer’s back into your shop. We make it easy and quick for you to create text blasts and deploy them to thousands of customers. We also follow federal guidelines to insure compliancy with regulator laws.

Plain SMS Message

Plain SMS Message

Simple, traditional message comprising of just a message.

$0.012 per text
MMS Message

MMS Message

Send images in your message for higher engagement rates!

$0.035 per text

We Break down your Customers Into Categories For Selective Targeting

Utilizing Machine Learning, we can sync your Transaction History with your customer list to segment your customers into groups. This allows you to quickly select segments of people you’d like to target.

Break down your customers into different segments

Category Segments

People who bought
People who bought
People who bought

Time & Purchase Amount Segments

Customers Purchased
> 1 Month
Customers Purchased
This Week
Spent More Than

Want to send MMS Messages? Send using our enhanced embedded link

MMS messages containing images can cost substantially more money than regular SMS. This is why APOP is introducing embedded links, thanks to Apple’s Preview technology on their messaging platform, you can send a link containing an image and it will load directly onto the chat dialog without you having to pay the MMS fees.

Transparent Pricing!
$0.012 per text
for < 15,000/month
$0.012 per text
for < 15,000/month

Send more than 100k text per month?
Contact us for discounts